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5 years ago


Is Cox going to be as generous and thoughtful as Comcast, AT&T and Charter are being and provide free Internet service for 60 days to its loyal and faithful customers?

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    Flexible payment arraingments? So what somehow we are going to pull money out of our **** in a month of no working demanded by the federal govt to be able to pay your services? Then we fall further behind and get cut off anyway? What are you doing to actually help people COX? I see nothing but more of the same scam you have been pushing since day 1.

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      Hi all, Cox has announced support for the FCC’s "Keep America Connected initiative" as a part of the ongoing COVID-19 response efforts. For the next 60 days, we will work with customers that indicate they are having financial hardships due to the ongoing pandemic, by offering flexible payment arrangements and waiving late fees. We will also open Cox WiFi hotspots to help keep the public connected in this time of need.

      Click here to learn more about how Cox is responding:

      -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    What are you doing for existing customers with children staying home from school?

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        And yet, they claim to offer 2 billing cycles of credit for those that pay for unlimited internet, and I only got one cycle.  Truly loving the loyalty to me for being loyal to them for so many years.