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5 months ago

Feedback on representative

Hi … I recently asked a rep over the call to cancel my mobile service. She told that there is a price increase of $5 for my internet. Adding to that she said that mobile services are disconnected. But the honest thing is that she enrolled me into new internet plan into contract of 24 months, which that stupid representative hasn’t notified me of the contract. Initially my cox internet service wasn’t in contract either. I would have switched to Quantum fiber instead. I think this is the way that cox does business to keep things hiding to the customer and lock them for 24 months. Any of you faced the same situation?

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  • Hi Innamurip3, 


    I am sorry this was your experience. We'd like to help review your account and submit this feedback for you. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name, address and a link to this forums post.