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2 years ago

Family member constantly under bombardment by spoof and fake emails from cox

So my uncle is having a terrible time with the whole transition to the webmail and getting slammed with the fake warning messages. Some most convincing.

TL:DR version He fell for the bait, but cox support got things back in order. PHEW! Good job guys and gals!

Now the problem persists with him STILL being bombarded. Now he gets some random messages saying he needs to click a link to update his webmail version. I'm digging around and all I can find is this noise: This is something that should be something that should be mailed to the account holder; Not emailed.

What the hat is this nonsense? Is he going to actually loose his email or something? I've got like 8 family members with cox, and only ONE of us is getting this message. Could someone please shed some light on this? I am in attempts to collect one of these emails he's getting in order to identify legitimacy as it starts off "Dear Customer" and generally its quite personalized.

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  • Oh, and the site that nabbed his info? As an IT person, that really blew my mind how hard they worked to prop up a site that had even paranoid ME convinced. wow.....

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      I REALLY easy way to determine the site you are going to is fake, is to look at BOTH the URL in the email and the one you get to. If the URL is a shortened URL, and you end up at a web site that is NOT an HTTPS sight like, then you should not be logging in because your info will be stolen. ALSO, since I used to work handling these calls for Cox, make sure you ALSO change ALL other passwords to ALL other accounts. On of the NASTY things these hackers/thieves do, is they will go through your email, checking for Amazon, EBAY, etc etc, and even if the pwd is different, it's linked to the email, go and select "forgot password", they send an email to the account that amazingly this gutterscum has access to  and they can change the pwd, AND delete the emails associated. You won't know till you get a bill for 2500$ worth of stuff you didn't buy. 

      If there is EVER a question about an email, CALL Cox. Don't speak to the first tier, request escalation. Tier 1 isn't going to be able to help. 

  • Looking at the notice in the link it appears they're trying to tell you that the email address it not associated with a Cox Internet subscriber.  That being the case, they would have no way to know what address to mail a notice to so they have to resort to emailing it hoping that whomever is using the email account will see it and reach out for assistance.  There's a variety of reasons an email address can become orphaned like this but it sounds like they're in the process of removing orphaned email accounts that go unclaimed.  If you want to keep this email account I recommend reaching out so that the issue of linking it back to an active Cox subscriber can be resolved.

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      I dont understand how its not tied to his account. He's had service far longer than I. I'll talk to him next week and see what we can do.