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10 months ago

False information

Has anyone else had the experience of choosing a plan with Cox and using ACP program? My issue is it specifically stated online that my plan would cost me $19.99 a month instead of $49.99 with this applied. It also stated there would be no deposit and I would pay my $20 after my first month service. However, I'm still be in charge 4999 and my application was approved for the ACP. I ended up having to pay a $50 deposit and I'm being told that it was $119 from the beginning. Whatever happened to false advertisement and misleading the customer as a no-no. I even spoke to a representative and they told me the same thing. 

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  • I'd be more than happy to look into this for you!  Please send me an email and include your full name and address.  You can send the email to  Thanks!