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4 years ago

Extremely wonderful Customer Service

I just had the most wonderful Customer Service experience. We have been loyal Cox customers for 15 years. I spoke on the phone with a woman in what I think was called the Loyalty Department. She was patient with me, explained things for me and made me feel like a valued customer. I asked her for her name, I hope I did not scare her into thinking I was going to complain about her. The opposite is what I want to do. In this time of unhappy people, there are also people who are kind and helpful, and use their smarts to help. Likewise, there are people who appreciate them. I want to thank Shanita Hicks for her time and effort to help me, she was great, and because of someone like her, I will remain a loyal Cox customer. 

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    Kudos to Shanita and your satisfaction is all that matters.

    One behalf of the frustrated and "unhappy" people, I'd like to know your original problem and what she did to resolve it.

  • Hi psoper1,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It’s always rewarding to hear kind words. I have shared your comments with Shanita’s leader so she can be recognized for your awesome experience.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator