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4 years ago

Error at webmail login

I have been receiving this error for days when I try to login to Cox webmail:

"There was an unexpected internal error. Please try again."

Anyone else seeing it? I haven't noticed problems with anything else.

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    You should contact and include your full name, your service address and a link to this thread,

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    I'd also suggest clearing cookies/cache as well as deleting any old bookmarks/favorites you're using and try navigating to webmail or using to see if that helps.

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    i've seen it a few times recently, i wait a few minutes & retry.

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    I've been having this problem for a week. I spoke to a Cox service person on Live Chat and he told me the server was down. I don't believe this, as I could still receive emails on the mail app on my mac. (Cox recommended not using the app when a couple of emails I sent were not received by the intended recipient). I also cleaned cookies/cache after the Live Chat, and three or four days later I still can't log in to webmail.

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      I'm having the same issue including not being able to log into my Cox account. I use Google Chrome and have been getting that error for a couple of weeks now. I tried clearing cache, uninstalling chrome and removing all data but the error persists.

      I finally tried Firefox and it works fine. The weird thing is that the opposite is true on my phone. Firefox won't work but Google Chrome does.

      As I was typing this, I cleared cache and data on the Firefox app on my phone and now it seems to work.

      So far, everything I've tried to get Google Chrome to log into Cox Webmail has failed. Cleared cache, data, cookies and even tried uninstalling Chrome all together. There must be some corrupt file chrome is using that does not go away with a simple uninstall.

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      I figured it out. I read somewhere that blockers tend to be an issue. It was one of my settings with my privacy/tracker blockers and tried a minor change. It works fine now.