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12 months ago


not only is the new system unfriendly it is now incredibly slow. and please don't do the cox standard and tell me its my issue. my speed is fine and I'm uncluttered. this is clearly your issue and you should fix it. 

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    Yup. Heard it's slow since the new UI. Best suggestion is to use a email client like Outlook or Thunderbird or move to a different email provider.

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    the NEW COX guiy is TERRIBLE !!!!

    Slow & Unresponsive 

    Ugly Format

    Almost UnUseable

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      I agree - very very slow and freezes many times. Poor design. Cox says it will get much better after the rollout is completed. I doubt it. Cox cannot even invest in their own website - Takes forever to load and navigate. You would think this is completely unacceptable for an internet company. But cost savings wins again over customer service!

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    Go into the Webmail settings (that's the gear icon) and you can make it look and feel just like it did before.
    Check: Layout-List
    Check: List Options-Checkboxes
    There is another Settings next to the Cox logo the 3 bars icon
    Go to Inbox-Check: Show date and time

    Hope this helps

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      That doesn't work. I can still only see 5 emails at a time. 2/3 of the page is everything BUT emails. If they made the other junk smaller I could see more of my emails and when I open them up I could see the entire email instead of a tiny bit where you have to scroll endlessly to read it. 

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        Your Display is probably set too high, My Browser default Zoom is set to 120%
        My Computer Display is set to 100%
        Also install AdBlockPlus to your Browser to get rid of the Ads.

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    While I am not a fan of the new email, it is fairly fast on my system. 

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    Yes, terrible and terribly slow. That it is not "my system," is demonstrated by my having multiple cox email accounts. When the first was transferred to the new awful format it was immediately slow and awful and eager to crash or freeze as we all know, but the accounts that hadn't yet been transferred were only as bad as they had previously been. Bad, of course. The search function hasn't worked in a long time, but at least it was possible to read and reply to simple emails. On the new system it took me more than 20 minutes today for the reply window to load. And then it failed to send repeatedly. One email, probably a total of 40 minutes.

    I presume Cox would prefer we all move email to other other providers so they needn't support something they don't yet charge for separately. In that regard, any tips on how to move to another provider without losing what for me is a very long email legacy in Cox? Well, much of that has already gone missing, but I would like to retain some of it.

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    Yep. I am hoping once they get it like they like it, it will be much better. Sure feels like dial-up now don't it.

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    How do you delete emails? I used to be easy.

    I can delete around 40 emails an then it freezes.

    Has anyone figured this out yet?

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      We are aware of some customers being unable to delete emails via Webmail and are working to resolve that. If you're finding that the email account storage is nearing the quota, then a work around may be to use a client to delete emails and make room for new mail.


      Are you using a mobile device or a computer to delete emails from Webmail? If you have a computer you can use to sign into, then you may see if it's easier to use Ctrl left or right click emails to select many at one time to delete at once.