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4 years ago

Email: unable to verify username or password

We've been using email for years. I'm a tech support guys as well.

Our webmail works fine however when trying to use email on either macbook pro or windows using outlook, we get this error: unable t verify username and password.

Just started 2-3 days ago.

Called tech support, they want us to pay for premium support because we are using mail on the mac or outlook on the winblows box.

This is BS if you ask me as I've set up email so many time and now it's not working for SMTP mail. Pop is fine smtp doesn't recognize it.

Tried SSL/TLS and all the ports, tried the unsecured ports and settings. NOTHING is getting us connected to the SMTP server.

Mail is coming in but we are unable to SEND email.

any suggestions?

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    We had to call back and the new guy changed out password and the email started working again.

    It seems there is some disconnect when changing the password yourself with the online password reset.