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7 years ago

Email security settings


I received an email from "Cox" today. Here is part of text. Is this real or bogus?



"As part of Cox’s ongoing efforts to safeguard our customers’ information, we have identified that you are using outdated email security settings. 

To strengthen the security and privacy of your email account, it is essential you update the settings by January 25, 2018 on the devices you use to access the following Email(s):

email address' listed here...

These settings control how email messages are sent and received
by your Email. They were likely set up years ago and do not
meet newer industry standards. Because your Email
settings are unique to your individual email programs on your
devices such as your phone and computer, Cox is unable to make
the changes on your behalf.

For your protection, after January 25, 2018, any devices with outdated settings will no longer be able to send or receive messages from your Email until the setting changes are made. "

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