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    There seems to be an outbreak of newbies posting fake Cox emails they supposedly received that contain one or more links.  OP doesn't want to click on a fake email, but apparently doesn't mind if somebody else does.  The links look okay, but it doesn't matter.  If you post an email that you think may be fake, remove all the links first.

    Your post has been flagged.  Hey, moderators.  Is anybody out there?

  • If you suspect a web address go to in the domain dossier put the domain (not the full link)

    look for the "Registrant Organization:" is owned by Cox communications.

    However a displayed link and the actual link can be 2 different things.hover your mouse pointer over the link but DO NOT CLICK. in your email program or the bottom of the web browser it should show you where the link actually goes. when in doubt don't click the link.