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5 years ago

email account

I am not able to successfully set up my IMAP email accounts in  I get an SMTP error message when I use either outgoing port numbers 587 or 465.  The incoming mail settings seem to work fine.  I also have those accounts successfully set up in Outlook 2016 and Outlook for Android.  Has anyone else encountered this problem and successfully resolved it?

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      I've done that several times with no success.  It doesn't like the SMTP server settings.

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        465 ssl,/587 tls, authentication,etc?

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    I am having the same issue. I have tried multiple times using the Outlook auto-setup as well as the manual way through the control panel ( create new profile). This is on a brand new Win 10 with Outlook 2016 (365)

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    Please check the link and let us know if it helps

    Jonathan J
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