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3 years ago

Ebb laptop discount

I have been approved for EBB since July and I got a email in October saying I get $100 off a laptop. Every time I try to claim I get this message. 

"You have either not been approved for the $100 computer subsidy or you transferred from cox to a new isp."

Neither of those are true and I've been trying to figure this out so I can get my laptop.  I've called cox plenty of times with no help.  I don't know what to do at this point. 

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    How did you apply...Cox or the gov't?  Who sent your approval email?

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    Hi @Reezy
    I know how important it is for you to get your discounts through PCs for People. Please email us at with your full name/full address. And a screenshot of the email that you received from PCs for People.

    Ben S.
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    eezy, i was approved for the ebb program. in september,  and was advised that the next step to get my monthly benefit was to contact cox, which i did, over and over, by phone, by e-mail, (different reps, various phone numbers, different offices with NO RESULT, until my approval letter expired on dec.20. now the ebb program has ended replaced by a new program (with a lesser monthly payment., )when i could have received the ebb credit until march 1st.  i have to wonder, HAS ANYONE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN RECEIVING A $50 MONTHLY credit through ebb/cox????   cox is regulated by the f.c.c.. i feel my only recourse at this time is to file an official and LEGITIMATE complaint with them. (i kept a thorough record of every contact and conversation.)  it's maddening. i think cox invented the term "catch 22."