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2 years ago

Downtime feature in Panoramic Wifi App

I am having issues getting the Downtime feature to work properly on my Panoramic Wifi app.  I want my teenage son’s profile to have two separate Downtime schedules: one for school nights, and the other for weekend nights.  I want the school nights to start at 10:30pm and last until 8pm the following day, and the weekend nights to start at 11:59pm and last until 8pm the following day.  I want the Downtime period to end the following evening because I want him to get his chores done, make his bed, clean his room, etc., first, then ask me or my wife to lift his Downtime restriction for the rest of the evening once his chores, etc., are done. 

I am running into issues with the Downtime feature when my wife or I lift the Downtime restriction via the Panoramic Wifi app.  We lift the restriction, the app says his profile has devices connected and it does not indicate his devices are paused or asleep, but his devices will not connect to our Wifi so he can browse and play his online games.  To resolve this, I have to delete the Downtime schedules, and recreate them on his profile, which is incredibly tedious.  Additionally, I some times run into an issue where even if I have deleted both Downtime schedules, confirmed his internet works, then recreate both Downtime schedules, and then unpause/lift the restriction I just read-establish, the Wifi still won’t let his devices connect…repeating the whole chain of events. 

This is getting fairly frustrating and the few support reps I have interacted with via chat or in the phone are clueless on how to resolve this.  It seems to me the coding of the app itself may need to be investigated.  I want to use this capability offered, but it is not working the way I think it should; or if someone can clarify how the Downtime feature within the app is actually supposed to work, that would be appreciated. 

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  • @Justoverit, Are you experiencing this issue with other devices (profiles) as well as your sons? -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator