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5 years ago

Download speed

Upload is ok, but download is less than what I had a month ago.  I used to get over 150.   Now I can' barely reach 140.   Is there too much traffic on my node?   I have an Arris 8200 modem and the signals are fine.  I have Preferred 150/10.

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    Are you hardwired to the modem, router, or wireless when getting these speeds and what type of device are you testing with?

    Jonathan J
    Cox Moderator
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      I'm wired.   I think Cox disabled speedboost to deal with the increase in traffic due to more people being home.      I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a newer router.   Mine doesn't have any kind of NAT acceleration.

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        When you say you are wired, is that to the modem directly without the router? Or do you mean you are wired to the router? If you are still on the router, try connecting to the modem directly, restart the equipment, then test the speeds from our website:

        Mike J.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I thought I read that Cox has reduced maximum download speeds temporarily so you will no longer see speeds above what you're paying for.

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    I came here looking for hopeful answers as cox support chat is not helping me. I pay for 150 but for a couple weeks have been averaging 8-12. I’ve done everything possible. 

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      Hi Sean805,

      We checked your modem and it's currently reporting good signal levels. Are you getting those speeds on wired or wireless devices? Do you experiencing the low speeds during a certain time of day or throughout the day?

      Cox Support Forums Moderator