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5 years ago

Downgrade internet

My current bill for Preferred 150 Internet Se was $76.49 plus Panoramic Wifi Gateway $10.99. The question is, I use only about 130 GB out of 1024 GB per month plan. Is there any chance to downgrade the usage and reduce my bill?

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    you get the same 1024 GB per month of data usage on all speed tiers

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    wow, only 130gb? you might as well drop to a slower speed if that is all you use. it just depends on what you use it for. i hit 130gb+ some days.

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      poor advice, probably still wants pages to load faster.

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        you don't need 150 mb internet to "load pages faster". Loading a site takes barely any bandwith. And no it isnt poor advice, this man obviously doesn't download hardly anything, so down grading the internet for a lower bill is the way to go, Even 10mb internet is good for web browsing and pages will "load" as long as your pc has enough ram and processing power to use google, or whatever he uses.