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4 years ago

Double charge Internet usage

I have various streamig programs, like Netflix and Fubo.  I use that service DVR service for various programs.  I have been watcing my Interent Data Usage and it appears that I data volume raises when I DVR a program, and then again when I watch the program.  To me, that is double dipping.

Is there another explanation or  do I need to seek counsel?


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    Your "problem" makes sense to me.  If Netflix, Fubo or any streaming service doesn't have a local hard drive, any DVR service will be Cloud storage.  Therefore, any time you watch a recorded...or Cloud-stored...program, it'll measure as data use.

    If you want to record but not be double-dipped, you'll need a device to locally store...or subscribe to an unlimited data plan.  I don't record but I'm sure other contributors would have suggestions.