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4 years ago

Docsis 3.1 for Gigablast in a Fiber Area

Want to upgrade to Gigablast and currently have a Docsis 3.0 modem. Sales tells me I have to use their modem and installation because I'm in a fiber area - sounds fishy.  If I purchase a Cox certified for Gigablast Docsis 3.1 modem will it work or do I need Cox's?  and do I still have to pay for installation?  My offers say I can downgrade the speed to get unlimited data but still need installation?  Is this all simply because I have a Docsis 3.0 vs 3.1 modem?  

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    you have  to use cox equipment if it's fiber modems will not work

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    "Fishy" is a strong word.  Sales probably has a "schematic" of the Cox infrastructure in your neighborhood.  If Cox can wire your house with fiber-optic cable, you'll need to use their Optical Network Termination device (ONT).  Fiber-optic cable can not  terminate at a DOCSIS.  DOCSIS is for coaxial cable.

    However, although there may be fiber in your neighborhood but Cox can't wire it to your house, townhouse or condo; you can buy your own DOCSIS because your house will still have a coaxial connection.

    The question is:  Will Cox directly connect fiber-optic cable to your house?  You could probably ask a neighbor with Cox gigabit service.  You could also just wait for a tech and when it comes time to install a DOCSIS...if you still needed one...tell the tech to keep the device because you'll buy your own.

    Another question:  Will you subscribe to Cox Voice (landline)?