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2 months ago

Did Yahoo email Transition Break Some Twitter/X Logins?

Several days ago, exactly the same day as I had to transition to Yahoo email (Cox email stopped working), 
my Twitter/X LOGIN/SIGN-IN started failing on every computer and browser I've tried. I also haven't found any online discussions describing this particular issue.

I can't help thinking it may have something to do with Twitter/X not syncing with my new email setup. It seems a bit too coincidental, but I can't see how to fix it as there is no access to my twitter/X account to make any adjustments.

SYMPTOM: Login/Sign-In ATTEMPT Results In Infinite Blue Spinning Segment of Circle:
I can VIEW twitter/X posts/comments just fine, but I CANNOT LOGIN/SIGN-IN.
I load (which redirects to or directly load, and I click on the "Sign-in" button under the "Already have an account?" line, and all I get on every platform is an EMPTY vertical rectangular pop-up centered in the display, which then starts a centered small almost invisible gray circle with a blue segment circling clockwise around on the circumference...apparently infinitely (Picture an aerial view of a blue model train locomotive running around a circular track forever, and you kind of get the image)

I haven't heard of anyone having to do anything special for Twitter/X, and I'm concerned if I create a new account I won't be able to connect it to my old info and it will all be lost.

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  • I apologize that you have had trouble with your Twitter/X log in coincidentally since your email transition to Yahoo Mail. If  you are not able to resolve this with Twitter support, please email with a link to this thread we may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps. Thank you.