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3 years ago


I have a UniFi UDM-Pro and their tech support is asking if Cox supports DHCPv6-PD. It sounds like they do but the articles are over 5 years old here.

Does anyone know what prefix delegation I would put into the router I have? Cox tech support didn't seem to know. Thanks.

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    Your equipment needs IP v6 ?  Ok, here is what I know. 

    IPv4 is 32-Bit IP address whereas IPv6 is a 128-Bit IP address. IPv4 is a numeric addressing method whereas IPv6 is an alphanumeric addressing method. ... IPv4 offers 12 header fields whereas IPv6 offers 8 header fields. IPv4 supports broadcast whereas IPv6 doesn't support broadcast.

    Not sure what your equipment does , if they need to know what cox had, I am pretty sure a senior cox tech can answer that.

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    Hello @Dave7,

    We currently support IPv6 in a way that is transparent to the customer experience. For customers with IPv6 capable devices and software, IPv6 will need to be enabled in your home equipment, if it is not enabled by default. Your Internet experience is provided using a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 that is transparent to the end-user. So if your devices use IPv6 then that is how your network will communicate and we do support that.

    Crystal S.
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