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8 months ago

Datacap in 2023

Recently forced to ditch Fios for Cox because that is the only isp available.   What is this 1.2tb datacap?   I've already nearly blew though it streaming 4k and downloading games.  I recently moved so nearly week of it wasn't used much and I just recently started downloading.  1.2 limit might have been okay 5-10 years ago but in 2023 with working from home and with 4k gaming and streaming this is pretty unacceptable.   I'm in the city, going to trial Tmobile 5G service with out a data cap.  Just letting anyone from Cox know, datacaps are anti consumer.

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  • shwang79,

    Cox Internet plans include a 1.25 TB data usage allowance per cycle. You may use the Cox App or MyAccount to view what content is consuming the most data and to see if a data plan with your account would save. Cox has a 500 GB plan and an Unlimited Plan. If data is consumed over the allowance, then $10 blocks of 50 GB are added automatically as data is used over that.


    The Cox App information is available here 

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      Fios was faster and had no data cap.  I'm cancelling Cox and going with 5G home internet.  I'm not paying you guys more to what should be included.   Just posting to let others know there are other options.

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        I'm sorry to hear you're looking to cancel your Cox service due to the data usage. If you need to reach support about going over changes to your account, you may call 1-888-438-6673 8am - 8pm weekdays or 9am - 6pm Saturday (option 5 after entering your account information).