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2 years ago

Data usage increased dramatically and is not our average usage

We use less than 100GB per day, usually around 30-60GB. All of a sudden, 3 days ago, we are using 143GB on one day, 246GB on another day and 254 GB on the third day. Yesterday I got an email that we were at 50% of our total data usage for the month. Today, I got an email that we are at 75% total data usage for the month. Why is this happening? This happened to us back in November when we were out of town and not even here to use data. We changed our modem password and that seemed to fix it. Cox couldn't explain why this happened. Now, it's happening again. So, do I have to change my password again? It's such a pain to the update everything throughout the house every time this happens. Plus, it's not easy to talk to anyone without spending a good couple of hours on the phone. 

Any suggestions? I don't want to have to pay more for data I'm not using - my habits haven't changed and my data usage proves that. Might just be time to leave Cox. 

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    What model router do you have? If you have a newer Panoramic gateway, you should be able to use the app to narrow down which devices are using what bandwidth. If changing your password worked, perhaps someone compromised your network. Are you using WPA2+AES and a hard to guess password?

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      I can't tell what router it is. I don't see anything on it that says it's Panoramic Gateway. Yes, the password should be hard to guess. 

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        Do you use amazon alexa/echo/Dot? What about ring doorbell? Do you have a new apple or android phone or tablet, or have you installed ONEDRIVE on anything? What about using netflix?