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2 years ago

Data issues

We switched from our long term internet provider that had unlimited data and doesn't throttle data!  The Cox sales guy said data usage would not be a problem.  I told him I had 3 kids with tablets running all the time.  2 adults with devices going.  Plus the only TV we watch is streaming services.  I was told the basic plan would be plenty.  I was switching from a cheaper line of sight Service to the new underground line that Cox just installed.  Everything is slower and now I'm getting data overage warnings.  The only plus is streaming television has clearer picture on HD stuff.  I'm very disappointed in the service so far.  I'm hoping when school starts back things will level out.  If not, I'm seriously considering going back to my old provider.   I've started turning off WIFI on cellular devices as I also have unlimited data on my cell phones through AT&T.  I'm hoping makes a difference as well.  Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    Talk to someone in Sales, and see about adding unlimited data. Some area's have a cap, some don't, Cox doesn't throttle BTW. I have been a Cox customer since 1990, I joined Cox as an employee in 2006, and retired Jan 31 2022. 

    If the TV has a clearer HD picture while streaming, then you can't be slower, since that requires more data to provide. What modem/router are you using, there are things that can be done to help out so your devices run better. 

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    I’m having the same problem and it’s only me and my son! I just removed the TV and phone from my account. I work from home so I’m online all of the time. This **. I’m thinking of changing services.  I can’t watch videos on Freezee without it lagging. I reset the modem almost every day.

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      Please don't hesitate to email our team at! We're happy to troubleshoot your data issues. We can often help you identify what's happening and how you can reduce your monthly usage. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    What hardware are you using? On my Google mesh router system I can, for instance, look at the data usage per day/week/last 30 days and see what my usage is. If you have a similar function, that might help. As far as things being slower, what plan are you on, and what kind of speed are you measuring at the modem?

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    1. I am a 13year customer with some words of advice......change back if you can.  I do not have that option where I live YET!  I spent over 2 hours on the chat again this morning trying to get assistance and no matter what I asked for and  no matter who I was transferred to... they kept trying to get me to modify services and could not help with anything else.