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3 years ago

Cox Throttling my connection between me and and a server

Why does Cox think it is ok to throttle my connections? 

I have a server that I use for my work, so I am transferring files to and from the server to my computer.  This morning I notice my connection is extremely slow, all but non-existent as it would take days to download a file that would normally take me 5 minutes.

I check up on a generic VPN.  Connection is fine.  I spin up a Cloud VM to proxy through that to my server, everything is fine.  I throw the VPN into Asia.  Fine. South America.  Fine. Europe.  FINE.

But a direct connection between my computer through Cox to my server?  nope, throttled.

Don't tell me there might be some problem with my modem.  Or my router.  Or possible ISP issues in my neighborhood.  As I said.  The rest of my internet is fine.  I can proxy or VPN through a different IP to get to my server and it is fine.  

Is there a specific number I can call to get this fixed?  Generic tech support just gives me crappy answers to reset my modem, direct connect modem to my computer, blah blah and obviously aren't listening or don't know what the issue is.

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