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4 years ago

Cox Speed Test - Server Comparison

I am writing to ask for some technical information and for a few folks to assist me in gathering some statistics.  This stems from an effort to understand a bit about upload speeds and the consistently inconsistent speeds of the various Cox servers.  I am interested in UPLOAD for live streaming.  This does not seem to be a time of day or day of week issue.  I previously addressed this extensively in this related thread:

First the technical information:  Using the Cox speed test on all the listed Cox servers, I have found that on all 13 servers (now down to 12 with the Sat, Aug 1, disappearance of Wichita) the down load speed consistently registers at 90 +/- Mbps.  On the other hand, about half of the servers show the full (for me) upload speed of 10.0 – 10.3 Mbps while the other half show between 4.5 and 7.0 Mbps.  It is almost always the same servers which are slow and which are fast.  Unfortunately, our local server is routinely the slowest in the country.  So, my questions are:  Can someone explain to me how upload traffic is routed?  Is it normally routed to that local server?  Is there any way to make it go through a different server with routinely higher speed?

Now the request for data assistance:  I can test the 12/13 servers from my home in Hampton, VA and consistently get similar results as can be seen in the document attached. 

What I would really appreciate is if a few folks would be good enough to run a few tests for me to 2 or 3 of the fast servers and 2 or 3 of the slow servers being sure to include Hampton Roads (Norfolk) in the latter group?   This would show me if it is a server issue or something else and may give me some more evidence to “share” with our local Cox.  Useful information would be the date and time you ran your test (using the Cox speed test on the web), which servers you tested and the results you got for download and upload speeds from each server, and your location (at least your state). 

Fast servers:  New England (Providence, RI); Atlanta; Baton Rouge; Orange County, CA; [others which seem to go through periods of being fast followed by days of being slow/or vice versa are New Orleans; Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc.]

Slow service:  Hampton Roads (Norfolk, VA) – worst in the country; NOVA (Fairfax, VA); and San Diego.  [Others currently showing poorly are New Orleans; Oklahoma City; and Las Vegas.

Thank you for your help.

Bill B

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