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8 months ago

Cox Spam Filter is Broken - Can We Get Rid of It?

Is there a way to completley turn Cox's spam filtering OFF?  It's more trouble than it is worth, making important emails as spam.

Already tried calling the help desk.  They could not help us.

Please no suggestions like the "mark as not spam" thing.  It's broken.  I don't want to fix it.  I just want out of Cox's spam filter.  I'll deal with the spam myself.  

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  • roy-rossi 
    Thank you for your post. I see you have emailed us already. I'll be responding there momentarily, but I want to share that there is currently no configurable feature for spam filtering in webmail. I have shared your feedback with our product management team for consideration in future updates. 

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      ColleenD   Rather than just request spam filtering be removed, consider amending the feedback to request adding an optional 'Spam Setting' to allow spam filtering to be turned off.  The default setting could even be ON, provided a change to OFF is saved.  That way, if an individual did nothing, spam would continue to be handled as it is now.  But, if a user wanted to change that setting to OFF, they would be able to write Filter Rules to handle unwanted email themselves.  This should satisfy everybody.  It shouldn't be that difficult to do.  It's not asking for additional functionality.  It's just a request for a user-controlled setting to stop doing something that's being done now.

      If this optional setting was available, you could have told the OP to set 'Spam Setting' to OFF and gotten a Like instead of just having to tell them you forwarded their feedback. šŸ˜ƒ