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COX Slow Upload Speed Test Showing 5mps Upload or Lower (PLS READ)

Recently I have been doing some troubleshooting on why my internet speed was slow and games were lagging bad, I had my problem escalated and had constant communication with a field tech, he was doing 24/7 tests of my modem/network, he came by my house for a follow up and what was happening was my Panoramic Gateway was showing issues, but it was a brand new Modem/Router. Which made 0 sense, then I though maybe we can eliminate the modem/router and you can put a standalone Modem, and I forgot to say earlier that my On Demand was showing issues also, freezing, etc. Then he put a standalone modem, which in my opinion is better, and cheaper, (Knocks 10$ off your bill btw) he did that and I got my own Router and instantly getting better ping in games like for instance, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. which both showed signs of packetloss, and did an overnight ping plotter the previous day and I had packetloss on pretty much all of the first 6 hops (COX NETWORK) and once the modem was installed all those problems went away, including the On Demand Issue. But the speed test server that I was using on the COX speed test tool was still giving me 5mbps and lower upload speed, even on, I would set the Server to the COX server as it would be by default, and got the same speeds here are screenshots.

Here are From Today:

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  • I decided to include my comments from Zurq's other posted answer...more visible.

    I agree with Zurq....for me in OCounty, my Upload Cox Speedtest numbers went from 2.5-5 (for over 1mo) back to the 11.1 (that I got for a long time). I noticed the improvement the past Fri 11/22/19.

    What has been strange is that if I go to NewEngland, I get almost the same Upload but of course I see the download drop to about 26 (expected).  So why don't I see the same % reduction in the speeds...are they not going over the same lines?  In fact, should not my OC have shown a similar speed reduction both ways. I've generally had over 200-220 during this time of Upload reduction...Curious

    I'm also told, that if you login to your account and then do the speedtest, that Tracking info is passed to COX....they must have cleaned out some connectors along the way.

    Cox has still failed to fix my Insert Image capability....sad, I cannot insert anything in this Reply box.