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2 years ago

Cox Security Suite

For the past month or so, I have been unable to access the Cox Security Suite webpage, I keep getting the “something went wrong” message, I need to update the subscriptions for both of my laptops.

The internet is not problem, neither are my laptops. I feel like I’m getting the runaround from Tech support. I could really use some help. 

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    Wouldn't you have to log in to your Cox account to access your Security Suite?

    From my experience with these "renewal" notices, the subscriptions will renew automatically.  It just seems to take until the last minute.

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    • If you're unable to get to the Cox Security Suite webpage, try a different browser.
    • Cox websites require cookies to be allowed.  Verify cookies are allowed.
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    Make sure you are using your PRIMARY login to access that page. I just tested it, and used a wrong one by mistake. A secondary account won't work, it has to be the primary.