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5 years ago

Cox Raises Prices for Current Customers

Cox has fairly good internet at my house with few drops and service that usually matches the speed I pay for. About once or twice a month I have to reset my modem due to lag or signal drop. The technical support is also decent. Pricing is not great and every year Cox will raise the price of the plan and a customer must call in to get a price that isn't completely outrageous. Been with Cox for almost 10 years, but other services are now offered in my area at a better price.

After dealing with price hikes from Cox and call in's every year for almost 10 years, there is both better service/speeds and lower prices that don't keep adjusting.  I switched two weeks ago and have been very happy with my new Verizon FIOS service that's $16 per month cheaper ($45.99 to $29.99) and 3 times faster downloads and 33 times faster uploads (30/3 to 100/100).  Hopefully the increase competition will cause Cox to lower their prices and act with more transparency instead of each agent you speak with having a different "deal" or lowest price they could offer.

TLDR: Attempted to get Cox to lower price of internet service. Told two different “lowest” prices by two different reps. Cox could not match competitor pricing/speeds, switched services.

I was currently paying $45.99/mo for 30 mbps of Cox internet service. I was offered $39.99/mo for 100 mbps from Verizon Fios without a contract or setup costs and a $50 gift card for switching. I also got an additional $10/mo discount from Verizon for being a wireless customer and for being in the military.  I did not want the hassle of changing internet and was fine with my current speed if Cox could lower their monthly price below $39.99/mo. Cox offers $29.99/mo for new customer signup at 30 mbps for the first year, although I did not mention that I knew this. I do not think the first rep believed me that I could get that deal from Verizon (I asked for the rep to check their website) or that I really would switch, so she told me I already had their best deal for 30 mbps. She mentioned at least 5 to 10 times how it was $20 cheaper than the retail price of the plan, which is $65.99/mo, and she wanted me to know I was getting such a great deal!

I then signed up with Verizon Fios and made an installation appointment. I went back to cancel and the next rep was very rude and belligerent with me. First, he told me that I was paying $40.99/mo. This was a flat out lie, he kept telling me.  I have since received my final close out bill and no bill has that price on it.  I told him I've been paying $45.99/mo for over six months as I had both a bill in front of me and my account up online. He kept telling me I was wrong and I asked him to verify the account he was on, but he continued to tell me that $40.99 was my price. I asked if the price could be reduced below $39.99, but he kept insisting that Cox was price matching at $40.99 and I shouldn't complain over $1. I told him the Verizon plan was a higher speed and $10 more in discounts, to which he replied that he could get me a 150 mbps plan for $48.99/mo. I told the rep I was looking for a reduced price, I didn't need the higher speed, to which he went right back to the $40.99 and that it was only a $1 higher than Verizon's base price. I know based on advertised prices, neither tech gave me the best deal, but it wasn't worth continued argument or my energy to deal with poor customer service. Both techs insisted they were giving me the best deal, but as they each gave me different prices, the closer I was to cancelling, the prices got lower. I am very displeased at the dishonesty of Cox and how they train their representatives to lie about the best prices or what they can offer. I would have loved if Cox would have been straight forward with me, not gone through the hassle of changing ISPs, but Cox continues to skirt the edge of ethical behavior, banking on customers going with the status quo and then taking advantage of them.

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    Unfortunately where I'm at there is literally nothing comparable to cox. They have a complete monopoly on broadband here unless you consider DSL broadband, which at this point I don't.