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3 years ago

Cox panoramic wifi to epson ET 4750 printer

I recently got the new panoramic box and changed  the name and password. The printer still has the old setting.

It said to connect the LAN port to the printer, but what port do I use, they all say phone.on the back it is the pedestal tower box.

printer is a ET 4750 epson

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    What said to connect the LAN port to the printer...a computer trying to print?  If so, the print software of the computer is assuming the printer is offline and to perhaps connect it.

    If the printer has the "old setting," I'll assume it's a wireless printer.  I read the User Guide and Epson recommends to remove the Epson software and then reinstall.  During the re-installation, the software will network the printer for you.  I'm not a big fan of using a manufacturer's printer it's up to you.