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3 years ago

Cox panoramic wifi modem/router noise

I've exchanged my Panoramic system a couple times now, and the noise in each system is unbearable. I can hear it across the house and have to unplug it at night if it's anywhere near the bedroom.

Is it possible to buy my own modem and replace this one entirely? Suggestions on a reliable compatible router and modem? (Or whatever I need to get the existing unit out of my house)?

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      I have the Technicolor CGM4141. Do all of the units make a lot of noise? 

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        As you may know, different people have different levels of tolerance for sight/sound. I would suggest getting it swapped out for the newest Panoramic Wifi model, the Technicolor CGM4331. You can try that one to see if the sound fits your personal comfort level.

        Ben S.
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    More like Pandemonium-a-ramic!

    To help with the modem, do you subscribe to Cox Voice (landline)?