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6 months ago

Cox package

I've tried calling multiple times and they tell me they have to send me to retention. Each time the call disconnects, so I am not sure what to do.

A year ago my bill went up from $280 to $330+. We struggled to pay the bill and I called and eventually we removed some services and got it down to $326. In Sept I got a message our bill was going up to $350 and then last week got a message rates were going up and was told it would be another $20.

So the rates would be almost $1200 a year more after dropping CineMax and changing our contract.

Ive been trying to talk to someone about it. The last person, before today, told me there was nothing I could do but cancel services. 

I talked to a fiber internet in my area and can get the same speed for less. I want to know how much a month Cox would be if I dropped internet and the phone and what the process would be to use another internet.

the last person I talked to said I could get it to $319, but would need to sign up with I don't think we qualify for that.

We live with my mother in law and have 5 people in the house. I'm the only one that works, but we do not qualify for government assistance.

My son does college from home in the days. My mother in law and wife watch movies and stream internet. They do not adapt to change so I'm trying to find a way to keep the Cox contour platform with DVR and be on budget. Even the $326 a month was difficult for us.

We discussed it as a family and can get rid of phone. We got rid of CineMax, but they watch shows on the other channels we have.

I told them I would try to keep Contour, but it's been difficult finding a way to do so. Can someone at Cox help?




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    FYI this is a public forum for users to help users. Please remove private information from you post such as your full name and email address.

    As for bringing you bill down, have you thought about removing TV service and switching to something like Youtube TV? How much do you pay for TV service?