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2 months ago

Cox Outages

To preface this, I work from home. It’s extremely frustrating when you pay for a reliable internet service and you lose a week of work due to the outages this week.

I may not see what is going on behind the scenes, but publishing an explanation and discounting the affected customer’s bill for services lost would be nice.

I pay over $100 a month and I can’t even rely on my internet.

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  • Same happening here. My bill is $185/month and we are constantly losing internet on all devices. We reset the modem and it comes back but within hours, it won’t stream anymore. And I have a bunch of teenagers piled in my room complaining again. My son just came down while I am typing this and asked how to fix the internet so my guess is, this won’t even post because my internet is probably out again. I live in North Phoenix. Can’t think of any reason we would be having this much trouble all of a sudden. We’ve had reliable service from cox for years. Now I am considering switching providers. Way too expensive for this inconsistency unfortunately.

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      Hello Vanessa_h and nikkipare928,

      I appreciate the importance of wanting to know what may be causing a service issue or a network alert. Cox is working on ways to share as much detail on the network alerts on the Cox App. Sometimes, we may not have details of a cause once a solution is completed. Should you find issues remain when a network alert is cleared, then we can help investigate an issue further. We are able to help with billing, credits, and service related issues if you find a moment to email us at with your first and last name, complete address, and the URL link to your comment on this forum.

      Our goal is to be sure we're working on solutions that keep you connected.