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4 years ago

Cox modem running hot

Yesterday I got a new Cox modem. It runs very hot -  much hotter than the previous Motorola modem.

I just want to note it here because I am sure other customers are having the same issue. Cox engineering or purchasing department should pay attention as they acquire new modems. Thank you.

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  • Hello. If the modem is running hot to the touch, I recommend taking the modem back to the Cox retail store and getting a new one. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I am also having the same trouble with my model running hot. This is the third model in less than one year. Now the modem power cycles when it gets too hot and won’t connect to internet until I let it cool down. These modems suck. I only have 2or 3 things using WiFi and it still overheats and power cycles. What’s a better option modem cox has? the white box is the one I’m having issues with. 

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    If the modem is running hot. it should be replaced as Allan suggested.  But to mitigate heat, try to position the replacement it in a well vented location away from a direct heat source.