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7 years ago

COX is not forwarding my mail 100%

I have my COX mail configured to forward my mail to my Gmail account.  This used to work 100% until they changed

my COX webmail from  Classic view to whatever they call it now.  Since the change (and I can't get it back to classic)

every once in a while someone will tell me they sent an email to me. I go on COX Webmail and there it is not forward

as configured to do so.  It does not happen all the time but occasional.  I would like to know why this new web mail look

does not forward 100% like the old trust worthy classic look did.  I also would like to say when COX made the change of their

Webmail look, they did not retain my forwarding of mail.  After a week of not getting any mail forward I was shock to see

all the mail on the Coxweb mail site and not forward as it should have been.   I should have been notified to go into the new look

and restore my configuration to forward mail.


  • I spoke with COX Technical support today.  They told me since the new cox web upgrade (downgrade for me)

    having mail forward is a known issue.  They told me it wasn't necessary to forward IP addresses which I thought

    was ridiculous as they have confirmed it was a COX issue.  However I supplied them 2 COX email addresses

    which I have over the last week had problems with their emails getting forward to my Gmail account.

    All I can report is as told to me, "work in progress" which is code word for they have no idea when the problem

    will be resolved.   So as stated, the upgrade is a downgrade for me offering less quality/reliability as before.

    In addition, I also now have problems with some AOL email not reaching me period.

    The disturbing comment was "since there is no charge for email"  they take no responsibility in any compensation

    meaning a credit on your bill for poor service.   Unbelievable,  I could understand a statement like that from a true free

    email provider like Gmail, Yahoo,  however I thought I had to pay cox money to get a cox email account.  That's part of the package therefore some form of compensation should be offered while the issue exists.  Its been several months now since the switch from the reliable web mail to the unreliable.



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