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5 years ago

Cox is blocking port 80 incoming, causing security certificates from installing!

This is a real issue.Cox needs to at least unblock port 80 incoming for let's encrypt acme servers. Many of us want to remote into our routers and have a certificate displayed on the web page. Many newer high end routers like my ASUS 88U will allow a certificate to be added to your DDNS address, ( COX dynamic IP.) On the 88U everything is in front of the firewall and I opened a ticket with ASUS and they verified that port 80 was being blocked by my IP. You can see bad communication in the logs of the router when it is trying to get an answer back for the key that is randomly generated. I also put a Debian linux box in the DMZ and got the same results. Now I always use a list of select IP addresses when I log in to my router from WAN but I hate the security exception issues. Cox needs to fix this as let's encrypt makes the internet a safer place and they are setting back our ability to guard and protect ourselves.

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    Most ISP block port 80 to stop people from running web servers from their house and hogging upload bandwidth. If you need port 80, get Cox Business.

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      How about getting with Let's Encrypt and opening it up for their servers only. That would be doing your best. :)

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    Port blocking these days is insaine all in the name of "safety." Give me a break.