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4 years ago

Cox is blocking my Corporate SSL VPN

Up until 2 days ago I could access my companies VPN via SSL. Since then I have to use my cell phone's hotspot on AT&T in order to log onto the VPN.  If I route through the cable modem the VPN cannot be established. A call to Cox says they won't support me.  Anybody else seeing this problem? I want to see what other options I have before leaving Cox. BTW: I have made no changes to my router or Mac since the VPN connection started failing.

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  • I have a very similar issue. My company offers two VPN servers. When I start a fresh connection to one server, speed is fine. If I spend more than about 5 minutes streaming music, the connection gets throttled down to nothing and ultimately my VPN tells me there is no internet connectivity. Connecting to the alternative VPN server gets me a fresh connection and I am once again in business, until I stream basically anything. At that point I have to do a modem reset through their site and reboot my router. At this point I've resorted to just using my Verizon hotspot. 

    Cox support has only ever suggested the modem and router reset. When I ask if they throttle VPN connections that show streaming activity, the question is dodged. When I ask for a tier 2, I am told it's not possible unless I subscribe to their tech support service for an additional fee.

    In my opinion it is overwhelmingly likely they throttle and/or block VPN connections since they don't want anything "fishy" happening on their network. Its ridiculous with how many people are working from home. 

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      I solved it by connecting only WI-Fi. seems something in cox stream is causing these issues ,specially in OpenVpn . However today is what i call "Cox day" where downstream speeds drops to 2.0 Mb at most having to reset several times a day.