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4 years ago

Cox internet down today in Cleveland west suburbs

Cox internet was down today in Cleveland west suburbs from before 4am till about 2:45,  Access very spotty all day. Pings and latency was quadrupled normal, Routing to local sites was sending you all over the country to return to a site 30 minutes away,  Drops and inability to connect all day. I received several texts that the issue was resolved, but it was not.  Now, while i can connect consistently; pings and latency are twice what they were yesterday.  I understand that there really isn't any infrastructure in cleveland and we are routed via new england, etc.  But Jeez!   Spectrum and ATT from this area show pings to local or other ohio sites in less than 10 ms. Where we as cox as lucky to get 45 -50.  Today well over 100 to local sites....ugh.  and I DID TRY TO CONTACT SUPPORT BUT GOT DROPPED OFF THE LINE SEVERAL TIMES, REMINDING ME TO USE THE ONLINE ACCOUNT FUNCTIONS!...UGH, hard to do when you internet is down...ha ha

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    I am sorry to hear that you have encountered such experiences. Have you tried rebooting all the equipment since the outage has cleared? If so and still having an issue please email your full name, full address, and a link of this thread to

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      yes, i have restarted all equipment and devices.  This morning another temporary outage alert on my account page.