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8 months ago

Cox Homelife service

I have had numerous problems when Homelife has had to send a technician to my house, even though I have complete care. Last month I needed a motion detector replaced, the technician was running late and then one showed up without calling, He said he was filling in for someone running late, he walked in took one look at my motion detector and said we don't carry those on the truck. He said you know Cox is getting out of the Homelife business and he said he already transferred his service. He said he would order the part and they would call to reschedule. I waited 10 days and called to inquire about my appointment, which they had no record of, and he never ordered the part and what he reported was that he didn't have time to finish my job when he came the first time, and I was going to call to reschedule. They sent out a new technician who replaced the motion detector in 15 minutes. Yesterday I was scheduled between 3 and 5 PM to have a technician come out and install some additional sensors that I was paying for. I had not received any call by 4:15 PM so I called in to see if he was going to be late. They told me he was already there, and nobody answered the door. I said I was a half a mile away and could have been there if he would have called. He then changed his story to say that he called and spoke to me, (obviously a lie unless I am senile) and I was going to meet him at 4PM. He said he showed up at 4 PM and waited a few minutes and I never answered the door. The fact is he never called. never showed up and my daughter who lives there was home from 3:45 PM. So now twice I have rearranged my schedule with their technicians who lied and did not show up when they were supposed to.

So, my question is, maybe Cox does not care about Homelife, and they are getting out of the business, and should I already transfer to another service and reduce my Cox bill. 

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  • Hi brpillows,


    I am sorry to learn of your experience.  As a consumer I believe I would have been way past aggravated.  This particular topic is not something other members of our forums community can assist with so please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or by email at Please include your full name, complete street address and details of your concern in your message.


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