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2 months ago

Cox has disappointed me yet again.

This is a repeat from previous discussions.  First, one of my email accounts was unavailable after numerous attempts as COX FORCED me to move to YAHOO - there was NO option and NO option to delete my email account.  I followed COX's instructions to "Reactivate" and as usual they are invalid as there was NO such option.  When I moved to YAHOO (no option), It would not even let me relabel it to something more meaningful.  When I went the web version to see my mailbox - I get the "run around".  I am done working with inept people that only want more money and provide less services.  In addition to removing my email account, it deleted all notes attached to that account.  Forcing me to re-invent.  My suggestion to all COX users is just find another host for all your services.  As a cox client for over 36 years - I AM DONE!!!

Jim Mac Isaac   macjj@cox,net