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3 years ago

Cox Gigablast speeds are a scam

Honestly not trying to waste anymore of my time, after a month of troubleshooting, having techs, specialists, engineers come out and no solution. Ive probably contacted cox more than 20 times and its always the same never ending cylce. The issue rests with the node, okay ill entertain that, now they say i have to wait till October for it to be fixed. So why would u offer gigablast if u cant even provide this area with half that speed? oh yeah its a *** scam! you are stealing my hard earned money, i dont care about these excuses im paying money and i should get what i pay for. telling me that my areas usage is the cause of the problem okay then fix it, its not my fault nor my equipment, why continue paying if you cant provide? 

I can never play a game with less that 100ms lmfao, my friends pay for the ultimate plan and get better speeds and latency than me. Yeah makes sense right? 
I got the new PW7 modem, upgraded to gigablast, tech hardwired me to the tap, and no solution. 

this is my final attempt here.

PS. To any cox employee that sees this, get the node fixed please.

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