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3 years ago

Cox Gigabit Panoramic Modem doesn't show Ethernet connected devices

 I have the Cox modem/router Ethernet Port 1 going to a local device and Ethernet Port 2 going to an 8-port ProSafe Gigabit switch for distribution to the rest of the house, one leg of which goes to my office.  In my office, I have a 24-port Netgear unmanaged Gigabit switch with 8 ports connected - 5 printers, I Swann DVR, 1 MagicJack IP phone, and of course one port to the wall.

I can connect to the printer's web interfaces and I can print to all of the printers.  All have static IP's.  The Swann DVR, the MagicJack, and 2 of the printers show up in the "connected devices" list but...are you ready for this ..  both listed printers have the WRONG IP ADDRESS, addresses I had used previously but deleted (or so I thought) ??  Reseting the Cox modem does not help.  The other three printers do not show in the modem.  On the Cox website ("connected devices"), all of the printers showed up while the Cox tech was remoting in.  But gets better.  While he was remoting in, he went to a differnet page, then came back to the Connected devices list, and ALL the printers connected to the switch were GONE - POOF.  But, they did appear in the "devices not connected" list, some of which showed that they hadn't been connected for MONTHS !!

I don't know what freaking idiot wrote the firmware for the Panoramic modems, but, let's just say, I wouldn't hire him...  Cox Complete care has no solution and is just as flummoxed as me.  It could be something with the Netgear switch, if I get bored I may try swapping it out for a spare ProSafe switch I have. 

If the switch is not the culprit, I know what another solution might be.  Since once again the Rocket Scientist that wrote the Panoramic firmware (a) did not allow for a complete change of the router IP (you're stuck at, the "0" cannot be changed), and (b) the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless signals broadcast the same SSID (which fortunately CAN be changed), I can hook my old Asus 3200m router (with DD-WRT firmware, set to, say, as a secondary router and connect all devices to them, a PITA for my ~15 devices with static IP's...).  There are issues with DDNS in doing it this way, but hey, just another networking challenge.

How time flies when you're having fun...

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    I had the exact same problem, it's the modem / router they "rent" to you.  After having issues for a few months, I decided to downgrade to the next lowest level of modem that would still work with Gigablast (what a joke that is) and got me a router.  No issues with lost connection.