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6 months ago

Cox Feedback Request from

Is it a scam request for feedback or legitimate?

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  • Good morning baperlowski, any legitimate email from Cox will come from a Cox email address. For account-specific support, please email us at The body of this email should contain your full name, complete address, and details of how we can assist you. 

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      Email from Cox will have a Cox... domain, but email from an agent of Cox might not.

      In 2013, I received 19 emails from for survey requests or thanking me for contacting Cox Communications.  I hadn't received any more email from that domain until I received the same survey request referenced by the OP.  I don't know if the 11-year period of no such emails was because Cox stopped using that survey company or I opted out.  Cox changed their email last year.  It's possible an opt out didn't get passed to the new email system.  I'm not suggesting the recent email is legitimate.  I'm only saying is a survey company Cox has used in the past.  

  • Thank you for your feedback.  Sounds like you recently received a similar email.  (I googled the Express Medallia company as well and agree with your assessment.)  Thanks again!

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      I did receive the email, but I didn't respond to the survey request.  I won't receive any more email from that domain (before Yahoo Mail transition) because I opted out with a Filter Rule.