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8 months ago

Cox Email Operational Issue

I have been having this problem for at least two months. Last nite used two different browsers, Chrome and Edge. Two computers. Could not delete only one message at a time for several messages, then log out of Cox and back in, try again and again. Been like this for weeks. Spam empty. Trash empty. 3.4 gig of 15 used. No way to put a "trouble ticket in". Seems like Cox is saying "go away kid, you botha me". I think I might after 20 years, "go away". What to do Ms/Mr MODERATOR???


This message could not be moved to trash folder, possibly because your mailbox is nearly full.
In that case, please try to empty your deleted items first, or delete smaller messages first.

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  • Hi Campmaster, I'm sorry for the frustration the issues with Webmail have caused. My team is also unable to delete emails in Webmail, and we have escalated the issue to our email administrators. We will provide an update when we have more information.