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7 years ago

Cox email hacked

I know there has been a breach and Cox needs to admit to that. My Walmart savings catcher money was taken right out of my email and somebody has been trying to change my passwords in anything that comes to my cox email; apple ID, Amazon, Capital Onel. Somebody had also set up 10 different email address through my primary account. COX, there has been a breach. There are too many other people experiencing the same problem. Now I can't get in to my Amazon account.

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  • cox email hacked

    If you feel that your email has been compromised in any possible way, changing your password to a password that you've never used before will be the best defense.

    Cox support Forums Moderator

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    Yes, this has happened to a bunch of people, if you google "cox email hacked" you should see the thread. Use a different email provider for important stuff until they figure out were the hole is in their systems.
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    My husband and I were both HACKED!  What the heck is happening!  I've never had an issue with Cox email. Don't we have McAfee for a reason???  

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    I hope you are not serious. How about 2-step verification? That will be a much better defense. To say that changing password is "the best" defense is naive at best