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4 years ago

Cox charging huge fees for those affected by the covid19 pandemic

Cox is the only company I know of that is charging it's customers huge fees. Most every company (even aps) isn't charging late fees or shutting off services because of the pandemic.

Cox doesn't care about the community or people that have lost their jobs and have kids that can only attend school online. They shut service off and add on all those fees. 

It's not bad enough the service drops all the time and streaming is always an issue.

They have more issues with service going. But still charge way too much for it. They don't care about customers having service issues. It's on going and they don't seem to want to fix it. It's like they do it on purpose.

They used the pandemic as an excuse because people were working from home...

They don't get to use the pandemic as an excuse than screw the customer who was affected by the pandemic and can't pay than gets fees on top of that.

Cox is a greedy company only in it to make money. They know we don't have much choice for service.

I hope that changes soon. We need better service by a company that cares more about people than the ceos bonus. 

The only program they offer for low income families is the biggest joke. You cant already be a customer and get it. You have to be on food stamps and it's the lowest speed ever. I have one of the fastest plans and it has issues. I can't imagine how bad that plan is. I dont think you would be able to live stream with a teacher for online school. So thats the way cox is helping out in these uncertain times.

What a joke!!

My bill is supposed to be $158.97

My last 3 bills were $198.53, $187.88, $213.22.

Just keeps changing each month. But my account says its $158.97. 

The bill should be half the price for the service I get.

Good luck to all the cox customers out there, you are going to need it.

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