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7 months ago

Cox Assigned IP Address is blacklisted

I am having problems accessing a few websites.  I found that the IP subnet that Cox is using to assign addresses is blacklisted at 3 blacklist sites.  I have reported this problem to Cox 2 times and nothing has changed.  It is Cox's IP address and they need to take action to clear this issue.  

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  • Most likely there's some abuse associated with this IP address.  This isn't really something your Internet provider can fix unfortunately.  Best option would be to try and find a contact for the site(s) in question and explain your situation.  It'll ultimately be up to them whether or not they will release any block that is in place.

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      Yes they can fix this.  This is a full subnet that is blacklisted.  Since cox is the subnet owner they need to contact the blacklist owner.   I have done this many times for my business IP addresses that get mistakenly blacklisted