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4 years ago

Cox ** for games

Does centry link or anyone have WiFi that you can play games with? I have a wired connection and still can’t even play a normal game. What company do you recommend so I can play a game and not have to spend 500 a month

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    I've been battling for months and was finally told that it is a node issue and there's nothing that can be fixed on our end.  It really is unacceptable but my apartment complex is Cox exclusive.  Games are a big part of my life and I'm straight up going to have to move because Cox apparently can't provide a reliable enough service to play on.  Luckily ATT has fiber near me with 1gbps up and down (for less than I currently pay), so I'll make sure that's an option at my next place.  

    And to the Cox Support people on here, I know you're doing your best, but I've had every tech come out and have been escalated to the executive number, and have been told that there is no fix at the moment.

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      This is pretty much my experience with Cox support.  If I had any other viable option even at higher prices I would take it.

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      I have the exact same problem, my apartment complex only seems to have COX internet available and I have massive packet loss and latency issues. It's not on my end, but it's probably a node issue on theirs and I assume they won't be able to fix it... 

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        For us to determine if there is an issue at the node we would need to schedule a field tech out to your residence. When the field technician arrives for the appointment, he or she will inspect the tap that your home connects to, use a meter to check tap components and signal strength, and replace components, if necessary. The tech will then repeat the above procedure at the demarcation point where the coax cable physically enters your home. After inspecting all Cox equipment and cabling outside your home, the tech will test for packet loss and speed issues. If an issue is found at the node they will escalate it to our maintenance team for a resolution.

        Jonathan J
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    Hi @Dylann,
    We know how exasperating it is to have lag while gaming & streaming. We would like to help. Please email us at with your full name and address so we can further investigate these issues that you have been having. We want you to get the service that you pay for.

    Ben S.
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    If you have other options available in your area I'd recommend at least trying them out.

    I've had issues with Cox for years and pay for the higher support as well as gigablast and continually have packetloss.  I've had techs come out to the house quite a few times.  Have had them rerun cables, check the hardware, had them tell me that it's not an issue with our house but other issues with our area that require other techs/tickets that they have filed. 

    I've replaced routers, bought a new cable modem, etc.  None of this has resolved the issues we've had.  Even just listing the issues in the forum you can see this is a consistent issue. 

    Unfortunately, Centurylink in my area doesn't have speeds as high as Cox, otherwise I would have tried them a long time ago.