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4 months ago

Constant internet outages

As noted by NUMEROUS other customers, the internet outages are constant.   My internet stops at least three times each night between 6 and midnight  and, for some unknown reason, at least twice during the day.   i have upgraded my modem to no avail.   This is a COX problem and I am taking steps to get off their accounts.   I have Tmobile phone service and that is what i have to use to determine if Cox is having an outage.    And Cox never acknowledges an outage but the service goes up and down.   I need to get a gmail email account to replace my cox and get Tmobile internet.   it has to be more consistent than what i have now.


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  • Hello Suellen74,  I apologize that you are having issues with your service. We truly value our customers and want you to always feel that way. I want to help make this right. If you would like send me an email at with your full name and address I would love to assist you.