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3 years ago

connecting my work phone ethernet cord to something other than my cox modem

My work phone needs to be connected directly into my COX modem but I only have one that is located in a different room. Is there another way to make this work?

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    What is the work phone...a cell phone or IP phone?  Who says directly to the modem?  Why not directly to a router?  If connected directly to the modem, no other device would have Internet access...including a work computer.  I'd contact your office for clarification.

    Or are you calling the Panoramic router a "modem?"  If so and you can't move the Panoramic, a long Ethernet cable.

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      I say directly to the modem. That's who. As Cox calls it a Router/Modem. Cox said this particular device is a 2 in 1.  However, Bruce,  your rudeness isn't necessary.  You obviously don't possess the personality of a Customer Service Rep. Therefore, I  HIGHLY RECOMMEND a different field of employment.