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Compatible WIFI Extender

I upgraded my home internet setup which included a Linksys EA8300 with a RE9000 range extender.   I'm using the Cox Gigablast router with my Linksys RE9000 range extender.  The Cox router has an "admin" account which has a default username & password, i.e. logon: admin, password: password

After changing the SSID & user logon, I just powered up my Linksys RE9000 extender and it connected without any necessary setup. Since I had previously connected it to my EA8300 router, I assume this setup was recognized by the Cox modem/router.  The extender created an SSID with a "_Ext" to the COX Gigablast router SSID, i.e. "HomeWiFi_Ext" with the same password as the main SSID.

There was no significant or noticeable drop in the broadband downstream or upstream through the extender.